About US

about usNow entering its 59th Concert Season, the Florida Symphony Youth Orchestra continues to educate and inspire Central Florida’s top young musicians. The 4 orchestras that make up the FSYO all reflect a commitment to provide young musicians with the opportunity to strengthen their musical talents and develop an appreciation of the arts through classical music. The artistic staff, administrative staff and Board of Directors are all committed to bringing your students an exciting and challenging season of excellence!

The 4 FSYO orchestras are carefully structured so that students can grow with the FSYO throughout their primary and secondary years. The full range of ensembles gives every student a place to excel with peers at a similar level, and all an opportunity to collaborate with and learn from seasoned music professionals, on the local and national levels.

The Overture Strings Orchestra, conducted by Mrs. Sarah Morrison, introduces advancing string players to the orchestra experience, encouraging responsibility and practice along the way, and helping instill a love for orchestral play. The Prelude Orchestra, under the direction of Dr. Mauricio Cespedes, is an intermediate level orchestra where students regularly rotate chair seatings, encouraging exploration, leadership and musicality while playing as part of a whole. The Philharmonia Orchestra, conducted by Interim Conductor Mr. Michael Simpson, is an advanced, full orchestra where students play standard classic literature and perform in a number of concert experiences. The Symphonic Orchestra, under Interim Conductor Mr. Matthew Davis, is a pre-professional, conservatory level orchestra in which students are challenged with exceptionally difficult literature, and perform at the number of extra concerts and engagements throughout the year.

Membership in the Florida Symphony Youth Orchestra is by invitation only, following competitive entrance auditions. Ensuring equality and the opportunity for growth, membership renewal is not automatically guaranteed, as all members must re-audition each year.

For any questions, concerns or feedback, please feel free to contact the FSYO Office by phoning 407.999.7800, or by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .