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Florida Symphony Youth Orchestra Experience

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Now in its 59th Concert Season, the Florida Symphony Youth Orchestra continues to educate and inspire Central Florida’s top young musicians. The 4 orchestras that make up the FSYO all reflect a commitment to provide young musicians with the opportunity to strengthen their musical talents and develop an appreciation of the arts through classical music. The artistic staff, administrative staff and Board of Directors are all committed to bringing your students an exciting and challenging season of excellence!
Testimonials in Support of FSYO
"When I joined FSYO it was thanks to my parents, so I went in wondering why I was wasting my Sundays, but after the first rehearsal I couldn't wait for the next week. Since joining FSYO I have learned numerous skills and made friends that will last a lifetime, and wouldn't trade the experience for anything else." - Susan Senseman, 2010 alumna
"The FSYO provides young musicians with incredible learning opportunities, both musically and professionally. Even after receiving a Bachelor of Music Education and a Master of Arts in Music at two large Florida universities, I still confidently say that the most demanding, satisfying, and polished musical performances were when I performed with the Florida Symphony Youth Orchestra. Being a part of the FSYO taught me determination, diligence, and dedication – three attributes which have helped me to become successful today." - Ross Amkraut, 2004 alumnus
“Ensuring every child has the opportunity to experience an arts education is very important to me. FSYO shares this goal with me, and it gives me great pleasure to highlight the work they do.”– Josh Groban, Multi-Platinum Singer and Songwriter, Actor and Producer, 2011
"We are fortunate to have made a connection with the Florida Symphony Youth Orchestra...our experience with them was a pleasure, and we would highly recommend them to others for their professionalism, talent, and friendliness. They truly made our event special." – Cathleen Raffety, Howard Phillips Center for Children and Families, 2010
“Knowing that I’ve grown up with all these orchestra kids; we’re like family. I’ve enjoyed every moment. I’m so proud to be part of this fantastic organization!” – Margo Slaby, 2012 alumna
“The FSYO is an incredibly enriching experience and has without a doubt taught me that with hard work, responsibility and dedication, nothing is impossible." – Caitlin Pequignot, 2010 alumna
"After nearly a decade with FSYO and playing with various conductors in all of the groups, I can say that I was fortunate enough to play with some of the most talented musicians in Central Florida. Playing with FSYO allowed me to grow and develop musically, and to also realize what dedication, hard work, and practice could lead to! I still treasure those nine years with FSYO, and am happy to say that my passion for classical music continues!" - Jeremy Hsu, 2007 alumnus
"Our audience, from our most sophisticated listener to those new to classical music, loved the opportunity to hear first-rate young musicians who had committed great time and enthusiasm to their craft." - Paul Collins, The Celebration Foundation, 2010