concerto competition

Concerto Competition

IMG 3615-EditThe Florida Symphony Youth Orchestra is pleased to invite any Symphonic or Philharmonia member to audition for the 2015 – 2016 Concerto Competition. A highlight of the FSYO Concert Season, the Concerto Competition encourages students to step out of their roles within the orchestra, and into a soloists seat. Students compete for a chance to play their solo accompanied by the FSYO's Symphonic Orchestra, under the direction of Interim Music Director Matthew Davis. 

Concerto Competition Finalists are selected from a round of auditions. To audition, please fill out the form below. Finalists are selected from auditions, and then compete at the Concerto Competition Recital. The Concerto Competition Winners will perform at different concerts during the FSYO 2015 – 2016 Concert Season. Concert venue for any winning performance is determined at the discretion of the Interim Music Director.

The Concerto Competition Finalist must be able to attend all important dates, including the concert at which they are assigned to perform their winning piece. Any conflicts disqualify a candidate. Rehearsals and concerts for the Concerto Competition Finalist are listed on the FSYO 2015 – 2016 Concert Season Calendar.

FSYO Symphonic and Philharmonia members are eligible to compete, but the previous season's winners are ineligible to compete; one full season must pass before a previous winners is eligible to compete again. All standard orchestral instruments are accepted.

To register for the Concerto Competition Auditions, please submit the attached application, a $15 application fee, and one copy of your chosen concerto selection by Sunday, September 20, 2015. Submissions may be turned in by filling out the online application below. FSYO will pay up to $100.00 in rental costs for orchestral parts and score for the performance with the Symphonic Orchestra. Entrant will pay the remaining amounts.


Music Guidelines: Music selection, including full orchestral score, must be available to the FSYO. Music selection must be approved by the FSYO Music Director and your private teacher. Music selection must have available orchestral accompaniment; concertos for instrument and piano are unacceptable. FSYO will pay up to $100.00 in rental costs for orchestral parts and score for the performance with the Symphonic Orchestra. Entrant will pay the remaining amounts. Music selection cannot exceed 12 minutes.
Important dates: Concerto Competition Audition is on date TBD at location TBD. There will be no accompanist allowed at the Concerto Competition Auditions. Music memorization is not required at the preliminary auditions; however, your selection must be memorized if you are chosen to perform for the Concerto Competition Recital. Judges for the preliminary auditions will be members of the FSYO artistic staff.
Concerto Competition Recital: Concerto Competition will be held on date, time and location TBD. A piano accompanist is required at the final auditions. Please arrange for your own accompanist. Music memorization is required. Adjudicators will be community music professional, unaffiliated with the FSYO.