Families are important partners in their musician's participation and development through FSYO programs. Student success at FSYO is a direct result of dedicated parents or guardians who help their children understand the importance of practicing, being on time, and contributing to the ensemble.

As the parent of a young musician, we encourage you to participate in the artistic life of your student. Stay up to date on FSYO activities, experience the vicarious enjoyment of the music, and get answers to questions about music-related topics. Have a facebook profile? Become a fan of FSYO and be notified of current events on your facebook account!

We'd like to extend an offer: let us be a resource to you. Questions about private music lessons? Wondering about your student continuing to play music in college? Interested in scholarship opportunities? Looking for a new instrument? FSYO has a wide range of contacts and resources available to help parents and students navigate music education. Stay connected - ask questions - participate in the life of your student through the FSYO.