2018-2019 Audition Application & Music


The FSYO has set age guidelines for each orchestra. The majority of FSYO students fit into the following age groups, though upon request, exceptions are considered on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of the Board, in consultation with the conductor(s):
  • Overture Strings: Students ages 7 to 14
  • Prelude Orchestra: Students ages 9 to 15
  • Philharmonia Orchestra: Students ages 11 to 18
  • Symphonic Orchestra: Students ages 13 to 20
  • Jazz Orchestra: Students ages 13 to 20

For more details on the timeline, results, and process, please see the website's FAQ section. 

Audition Fees: A non-refundable audition fee of $35.00 must accompany the application. Applications will not be processed until the fee has been received. You can pay online here, http://mkt.com/fsyo/fsyo-audition-fee, by clicking on FSYO Audition Fee (may not work in internet explorer). Please be sure to put your student's name in the comment box. 
Annual Membership Fees: FSYO has a strong commitment to the community and will never refuse a student the opportunity to participate because of an inability to pay the membership fees. No qualifying student will be turned away from the FSYO because of an inability to pay tuition. The FSYO fundraises to provide tuition payment financial aid for musicians whose families demonstrate need. Financial aid is not available for the audition fee, concert tickets or uniform cost. Please contact the FSYO office to request a Financial Aid Application.
Audition Process: FSYO auditions are for standard orchestral and jazz instruments and are held annually for both new and returning members. There are a limited number of positions available in each ensemble, and an audition does not guarantee placement in FSYO. Acceptance and orchestra placement is a competitive, merit-based process in which auditionees must meet requirements for consideration.

Auditions require that students prepare the specific excerpt listed for the orchestra for which they are auditioning, as well as a one-minute solo of their choice and scales and arpeggios as listed. All auditions are approximately 3–5 minutes long except percussion auditions which are approximately 10 minutes. While it is unlikely, please note that audition judges may ask any candidate to sight read.

If possible, applicants should listen to recordings of the excerpts and ask their teachers for assistance in preparation. Applicants should make sure the tempo is correct and learn about the musical context and technical concepts of the excerpts and aim to demonstrate these in their audition performances.

For all auditions, the audition panel consists of at least two FSYO conductors. The panel ranks each audition by assessing the following:

Classical Orchestra Auditions

  • intonation, rhythm, dynamics, articulation (staccato & sautillĂ© bowings for strings; legato & tonguing for wind and brass) and tone production
  • musical style and attention to directions of the music
  • conductor's comments on orchestral skills and attendance record (for ongoing members only)

Jazz Orchestra Auditions

  • Intonation, rhythm, dynamics, articulation and tone production
  • Musical style and attention to directions of the music
  • Improvisation skills for jazz auditionees wishing to be considered for solo chairs

Excerpts can be downloaded below and students are encouraged to meet with a private instrument teacher to properly prepare their solo and scales.

For any questions, concerns or feedback, please feel free to contact the FSYO Office by phoning 407.999.7800, or by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Symphonic 2018-2019 Audition Music

Philharmonia 2018-2019 Audition Music

Prelude 2018-2019 Audition Music

Overture Strings 2018-2019 Audition Music

Percussion 2018-2019 Audition Music

Harp 2018-2019 Audition Music

Jazz 2018-2019 Audition Music

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